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  • Internal Door Operators

    Our Built-In Drive Operator System will drive the steel wheel of the door leaf.

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  • External Operators

    Our External Drive Operators are the perfect solutions for nearly every applications.

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  • Weather Seal Systems

    We manufacture a complete line of customizable weather seal systems.

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About Precision Door Drive

Precision Door Drive designs and manufactures industry-leading Internal Steel Wheel and External Pneumatic Tire Mechanical Door Drives. Our 35+ years of experience means you have access to the best engineering design and technical support in the industry. We know your doors need to open. Every time. We’re in business to make that happen.

Our products are carefully engineered to match every unique installation including:

  • Basic Reversing Starters

  • Directional Speed Control

  • Complex Position Sensing Systems

  • Fire Alarm Operation

Specializing in Internal and External Mechanical Door Drives for:

  • Hangar Doors
  • Radiation Shielding Doors
  • Vertical Doors
  • Industrial Doors


  • There is no supplier in the US that specializes and can support at this level.

    Mike Kattan,

    President of
    Vortex Doors